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Fund Quickrank

This tool lets you screen and rank's database of funds
  • Choose a Morningstar Category from the first pull-down list to see funds that are similar in investment strategy.
  • Choose a fund company from the Company Name drop-down list to see funds available from an investment manager.
  • Enter a phrase in the text field to see all funds with that word in their name.
  • Select a universe from the All Funds drop-down to hone in on a type of fund.
  • Click Go to see the funds that meet your criteria.
  • Click a column heading to rank the display.
  • Click Performance, Portfolio, or Fees & Details to see additional data.
  • Roll your mouse over some data columns for further detail.

Short Term
Fees & Details
  Fund NameMorningstar
ABLV Emerging Markets Corporate USD BondGlobal Emerging Markets Corporate BondNot RatedNot Rated-1,7811,5059USD
ABLV Emerging Markets EUR BondGlobal Emerging Markets Bond - EUR BiasedNot Rated4,5215,5488EUR
ABLV Emerging Markets USD BondGlobal Emerging Markets BondNot Rated-0,4716,7698USD
ABLV European Corporate EUR BondEUR Corporate BondNot Rated1,0511,9885EUR
ABLV European Industry EUR EquityEurope Large-Cap Blend EquityNot Rated6,8711,2321EUR
ABLV Global Corporate USD BondUSD Corporate BondNot Rated-3,4711,2877USD
ABLV Global EUR Stock IndexGlobal Emerging Markets EquityNot Rated7,249,8636EUR
ABLV Global USD Stock IndexGlobal Large-Cap Blend EquityNot Rated1,1911,0108USD
ABLV High Yield CIS RUB BondOther BondNot RatedNot Rated0,38401,6048RUB
ABLV High Yield CIS USD BondOther BondNot RatedNot Rated-3,0217,1468USD
ABLV Multi-Asset Total Return USDUSD Flexible AllocationNot RatedNot Rated-1,0810,1316USD
ABLV US Industry USD EquityUS Large-Cap Blend EquityNot Rated-1,4511,4175USD
ACPI Horizon UCITS EUR RetlGlobal Large-Cap Blend EquityNot RatedNot Rated4,0510,7240EUR
Alegra ABS I EUR FundOther BondNot RatedNot Rated6,764 122,5500EUR
Alegra ABS Two (Euro) FundOther BondNot RatedNot Rated8,204 987,4600EUR
Alegra High Grade ABS EUROther BondNot RatedNot Rated1,511 550,5900EUR
Algo Performance A USD AccAlt - CurrencyNot RatedNot Rated-99,4800USD
Algo Performance B EUR AccAlt - CurrencyNot RatedNot Rated-5,0493,3600EUR
Algo Performance C GBP AccAlt - CurrencyNot RatedNot Rated-4,7597,7100GBP
Algo Performance G GBP AccAlt - CurrencyNot RatedNot Rated-97,4800GBP
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Ieguldījumu fondu cenas tiek atjaunotas katru nedēļu pēc fondu tirdzniecības slēgšanas. Ieguldījumu fondu ienesīgums ir balstīts uz fondu daļas vērtības izmaiņu pārskata periodā attiecībā pret tās vērtību pārskata perioda sākumā. Ienesīguma rezultāti tiek kotēti Euro (EUR).