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Nordea 1 - Chinese Equity BP EUR116,8600EUR1,911,67-2,71-11,78-10,6621.09.2018
SEB Asia ex Japan UC EUR94,6620EUR1,852,080,02-2,21-21.09.2018
SEB Asia ex. Japan Fund C EUR117,8690EUR1,852,07-0,04-2,41-3,1821.09.2018
Nordea 1 - Chinese Equity BP USD137,4100USD1,831,47-2,71-11,30-10,7821.09.2018
Swedbank Eastern Europe Equity Fund5,5600EUR1,833,351,28-5,92-22,5124.09.2018
Nordea 1 - Asian Focus Equity BP EUR21,2700EUR1,821,00-3,49-9,45-10,4421.09.2018
Nordea 1 - Asian Focus Equity BI EUR23,6900EUR1,800,98-3,46-9,30-10,1321.09.2018
Nordea 1 - Asian Focus Equity AP EUR19,2200EUR1,800,95-3,51-9,43-10,4021.09.2018
BlueBay Emerg Mkt Lcl Ccy Bd I AUD95,3300AUD1,76-1,131,88-7,10-10.02.2016
Nordea 1 - Asian Focus Equity BP USD25,0100USD1,750,77-3,48-8,98-10,5721.09.2018
T. Rowe Price Japanese Equity Ah10,7100USD1,752,43---25.09.2018
Nordea 1 - Asian Focus Equity BI USD27,8600USD1,750,79-3,44-8,80-10,2521.09.2018
Nordea 1 - Emerging Mkts Foc Eq BP EUR120,2000EUR1,731,66-2,77-7,52-11,5621.09.2018
Nordea 1 - Emerging Mkts Foc Eq BI EUR125,0900EUR1,721,67-2,71-7,34-11,2521.09.2018
Nordea 1 - Asian Focus Equity AP USD22,6000USD1,720,76-3,51-8,96-10,5321.09.2018
T. Rowe Price Japanese Equity QH EUR11,4000EUR1,693,176,344,8812,6525.09.2018
T. Rowe Price Japanese Equity A EUR13,3100EUR1,681,993,260,839,9125.09.2018
T. Rowe Price Japanese Equity Qd GBP 111,0900GBP1,682,113,621,3110,5225.09.2018
SEB Asia ex Japan D1,7470USD1,671,88-0,23-2,37-3,4621.09.2018
SEB Asia ex Japan C11,4040USD1,661,93-0,21-2,37-3,4621.09.2018
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